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Selected Publications

Gandhi, S.*, Li, Y., Tang, W., Christensen, J.B., Urrutia, H.A., Vieceli, F.M., Piacentino, M.L., Bronner, M.E.* (2021). A single-plasmid approach for genome editing coupled with long-term lineage analysis in chick embryos. Development 148 (7), dev.193565. (* - co-corresponding authors)
Gandhi, S.*, Hutchins, E.J., Maruszko, K., Park, J.H., Thomson, M., Bronner, M.E.* (2020). Bimodal function of chromatin remodeler Hmga1 in neural crest induction and Wnt-dependent emigration. eLife 2020;9:e57779. (* - co-corresponding authors)
Gandhi, S., Ezin, M., Bronner, M.E. (2020). Reprogramming neural crest cell identity to rescue congenital heart defects. Developmental Cell, 53 (3), 300-315.e4.
Martik, M.L., Gandhi, S., Uy, B.R., Green, S.A., Gillis, J.A., Simoes-Costa, M., Bronner, M.E. (2019). Evolution of the vertebrate New Head by progressive acquisition of neural crest regulatory subcircuits. Nature, 574 (7780), 675-678.
Gandhi, S., Piacentino, M.L., Vieceli, F.M., Bronner, M.E. (2017). Optimization of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing for loss-of-function in the early chick embryo. Developmental Biology, 432 (1), 86-91.
Gandhi, S., Haeussler, M., Razy-Krajka, F., Christiaen, L., Stolfi, A. (2017). Evaluation and rational design of guide RNAs for efficient CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mutagenesis in Ciona. Developmental Biology, 425 (1), 8-20.
Stolfi, A., Gandhi, S., Salek, F., Christiaen, L. (2014). Tissue-specific genome editing in Ciona embryos by CRISPR/Cas9. Development, 141, 4115-4120.

For a complete list of my published works, please check out:

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